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The BizMums Awards 2017


Nominations open NOW!! 

Nominations close midnight on Friday 26th May 2017


Please include in your nomination the full business name and the location of the nominee or business. Each award also has certain criteria of which it would be advantageous for you to include evidence of. The nominee will be notified and able to add to their nomination should they wish to so if you don’t have all the necessary information this can be obtained at a later date. Last year’s nominations were of a very high calibre so the better nomination and the more evidence you can provide the better. You are allowed to vote for yourself.

Online Mum of the year Sponsored by mySircles






An award for a mum who has a high social media/web presence and uses this to support and inspire others.

Judges’ Criteria:
1. Details of nominees website. The Judge is looking for a website that is well laid out, visually pleasing and reflects their business
2. Evidence of  Social Media Activity. The judge is looking for a really focused and active social media presence that enhances the nominees business offering, through personality not broadcast updates
3. Evidence of an inspiring blog that people to turn to for advice/information/fun with worthwhile, well written content and frequent (at least once a week) updates

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Charity Mum of the Year Sponsored by Seashore No.4







An award for a Mum who has made an exceptional impact towards supporting a cause or charity including not for profit organisations through fundraising, volunteering or other means of support.

Judges’ Criteria:
1. Give details of the charity or causes they have supported
2. Give examples of how they have supported these charities
3. What sets this nominee apart from others supporting charities

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Network Marketing Mum of the Year Sponsored by The Happiness Club




An award for a mum in the Network Marketing industry who is self employed but represents an independent company e.g. Arbonne, Herbalife, Forever Living etc.

Judges’ Criteria:
1. Give evidence of the nominees passion for the business that they represent, what makes them stand out from others representing the same company?
2. Give evidence of how they have gone above and beyond what is expected to build their business and evidence of the opportunity’s they have taken to help raise awareness of their business? e.g what events have they attended/organised, fundraising, speaking etc
3. What is the nominees proudest achievement in the last 12 months?  Nothing is too small.

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Inspirational Mum of the Year Sponsored by The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant






An award for a mum who has made a significant effort in her own personal development, whether educational or physical by realising a great achievement, e.g. completed a sporting event (triathlon, marathon) or completed some form of formal education (degree, masters) or who has retrained in a completely new field and excelled.

Judges’ Criteria:
1. Tell us about the road the nominee has travelled: where they were and where they are now, and where they wish to be? (this could be emotionally as well as obvious achievements like medals or degrees etc)
2. What has the nominee achieved both intrinsically and extrinsically? (how do they feel on the inside as well as the things we see on the outside like certificates, customers etc)
3. How does the nominee feel? i.e. do they feel their children can be, are or will be proud of their achievements?

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New Business Award Sponsored by Mum’s Tax Break





This award is open to any business run by a mum which launched after 1st September 2015.

Judges’ Criteria:
1. Give details of nominees business. Has it filled a niche or met a solution or need in the market. Give evidence of any innovation in the products or services.
2. What growth and success has the business experienced since the business launch.
3. Are their any plans in place for future expansion or improvement?

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Creative Business Award Sponsored by Ferry Cake Marketing





This award is the crafty creative mums among us. Have you created a new product or launched a new range? Is your product special in for some way or unique? Do you have a particular ‘niche’ which you appeal to? have you managed to achieve a creative challenge?  This could be within any of the usual creative genres – literary, music, dance, arts, and crafts.

Judges’ Criteria:
1. Was there a particular challenge that the nominee had to overcome in order to complete this achievement?
2. How has the creative achievement benefited others in the community – particularly other mothers. Please provide evidence of this
3. How has the nominee continued to celebrate their success by sharing it with others? Do they use their accomplishment to encourage and inspire others? Explain how winning this award would be used by the nominee to empower other women to persevere and develop their creative talents.

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Exceptional Service Award Sponsored by The Happiness Club




This award is for the mum who makes an exceptional effort in her life or business to maintain a high level of service to her customers and is also supportive to other businesses.

  1. Please give examples which could include testimonials from happy customers, reviews etc.
  2. How do they go above and beyond to deliver and exceptional service to their clients/customers
  3. What set’s them apart from others in their industry or running a similar business?

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Health & Beauty Mum of the Year

Sponsored by RESERVED

An award for a mum in the Health & Beauty Industry who has excelled in the past 12 months.

Judges’ Criteria:
1. Please give example of nominees customer service, enthusiasm, accessibility etc. that makes this nominee stand out.
2. What experience or skills/qualifications has the nominee achieved?
3. What makes the nominee different from others in her industry?

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 Networking Mum of the Year Sponsored by Coffee Break Training







An Award for a mum in business who is a superb networker and uses her contacts to not only help in her own business but to also help others.

Judges’ Criteria:
1. Give examples of nominees main objective when networking
2. How does the nominee use networking as part of their marketing strategy?
3. What kind of system does the nominee use to follow up when networking?

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BizMums Host of the Year Sponsored by Evolve NLP Training & Consultancy





An award for a BizMums host who has shown great commitment to growing their group and giving value to its members.

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Overall Mum of the Year Sponsored by Mercury Franchising




This award winner will be chosen from entries in all of the categories. A mum whose outstanding commitment stands out from all the others. Perhaps her contribution is to business or to the service of others, but by definition it will be a remarkable woman whose achievements are inspirational and deserving of recognition.

How to nominate

Please click the nominate here button on each category to submit your nomination for the mum you would like to win the award. You can nominate in each category.

Remember that you can nominate any mum you feel is suitable for the category, they do not need to be a BizMums member but they must be able to attend the awards presentation on Sunday 8th October 2017 at The Manor House Hotel in Alsager, Cheshire. You are allowed to nominate yourself.

The closing date for nominations is midnight on Friday 26th May 2017!