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The day is all planned…..

You get the kids to school and nursery and you’re ready for a morning of back to back appointments, a bajillion emails to answer and after lunch, a hair appointment booked that you’ve been planning on for about 3 years!

It’s going to be a great day!

Nevermind that the washing basket’s overflowing with goodness-knows-what and the kitchen that needs some serious attention…. It’ll be there later.

Ring, ring… the phone beckons.

“Hello? Oh no…. Okay, I’ll be right there.” You sigh and the stress sets in.

Your eldest has just been sick and is waiting for you to pick him up in the school reception. So much for your perfectly planned day. You spend the afternoon working with a feverish little one cuddled up to you watching cartoons while you do your best to answer email and reschedule appointments from your phone.

“Ugh… my hair.” You think to yourself. There’s always next week.

It’s hard for anyone who isn’t in the thick of this whole “business thing” to understand exactly what you’re doing, let alone WHY you’re doing it.

See, it’s because 9-5 isn’t good enough for you. Because your family deserves more than an hour or two of your time every single day for life.

You have this dream… a vision of what your lives COULD be, if only you could make this thing successful.

But no one gets it!

No one understands what it’s like to have a manic 2 hours of busy but glorious silence when the baby naps, in which to really get things done.

No one can quite put their finger on “that thing that you do with your computer at home to make money?”

No one gets the frustration of your mother calling in the middle of your work day to talk about her trip to the supermarket or your husband asking you to “just run a quick errand” for him because “you’re already home”.

No one understands that you just want to be a great mum with a business that you built to live a life that makes your soul happy and supports your family.

*SIGH*… no one understands it.



No one but US.

Because we’re there too

Mopping up the spilt juice while we’re on a conference call!

Trying to breastfeed and type with one hand like some mum-ninja!

Using the T.V. as a babysitter, amidst your pangs of mom-guilt because you just have one last thing to do!

We get it.

We’re a community of like minded women in business who are waiting for YOU!

BizMums will give you:

  • Connections with women who are on the same business journey as you

  • A cure for that “I haven’t had an adult conversation in for
    ever” syndrome

  • Day-to-day actions to make your business and home life work in harmony

  • Training to grow your business from ladies who have already been where you are and are waiting to guide you

BizMums is here to help no matter where you are or what you struggle with  ….



When you become a BizMums Member, you’re instantly a part of a sisterhood of women who want more out of life. They want freedom. Freedom to attend a school function at lunchtime or to take off early for some quality family time. BizMums aren’t your average stay-at-home mums. We want it all and many of us already have it!…….

What’s included in my membership?

Support (think of the best bra you ever wore… like that!)

When you sign up for BizMums, you get immediate access to our online Members Only Facebook group for online networking and support. If you are struggling and need help in any area of your business or life one of the BizMums in this group will be able to help or connect you with someone, it’s a priceless benefit of support, friendship and sometimes, a shoulder to lean (or cry) on when you most need it!

Free unlimited Meetups

You can come to our meetups as often as you want and if you need to you can bring your kids! You can meet like-minded, positive mums in business on a regular basis, learn from our speakers and promote your own business to ladies local to you.

Online Networking

Join us for virtual online networking with other BizMums members so even if there isn’t a meetup in your area or you can’t attend in person because you have a baby stuck to your breast 24/7 you can still network from the comfort of your sofa


Create your own profile on our website, promoting you and your business, with links to your website and If you use Twitter you can be regulary featured as one of our members of the day!


Every morning at 9.30am you can join in with Michelle or Stacey’s Morning Motivation Live stream in the Members Facebook group! They share their top tips to help and motivate you in your business. It’s always recorded and posted in the group so you can watch later if you need too! 

Funding for your business

Every quarter we open up applications to apply for funding for your business to help you learn new skills or access marketing materials to grow your business. 

Online learning

Every month we run webinar trainings on our theme of the month and you also have access to the BizMums Academy, full of video courses and printables get access to all of this now….

And you’re one click away from getting all of this right now….


With more training being added every week…….

Who is This For?

BizMums is for any woman who has a business, is planning a business or one day dreams of having a business. We have women from all walks of life with business from all industries. Our common denominator is wanting more than the average job. We want it all!

Yeah, But How Much is It? Sounds Expensive

So many business owners pay hundreds and even thousands of pounds for mastermind groups, business coaches and pricey consultants.

You can have all this from just £1 per month!

Yes, your investment today in yourself and your business is just £1 for your first month followed by £12 per month, and you can cancel at any time.

We keep the cost of membership low so that it’s accessible to as many mums as possible.

And because we want you to try out BizMums for yourself to see if it’s right for you, you’ll have a month to connect and get to know us before you’ll automatically be renewed at our Member rate of just £12 per month.

My sincere hope is that you’ll love being a part of the BizMums community (and I really think you will) and choose to stay to develop your business alongside us.

But if it’s not for you, simply contact us to cancel at any time.



£1 for first month
then £12 per month


Free unlimited meetups around the UK
Access to closed Facebook group
Access to free courses and printables in Academy
Your name and website promoted on this website
Daily tips and motivation
Connection to other mums in business for advice and support

My Story

“Hi, I’m Michelle Childs, founder of BizMums.

Back in 2012 I had a full-time job, my own business, a 3 year old and a baby on the way. No lack of things to do here! I was so worried about how I was going to manage it all but I was determined to make it work. I wanted to leave my office job, grow my own business and be with my young family – but I had no idea how.

I loved the support and motivation I got from networking groups and I looked for one that I could take my children along to because, let’s be honest, childcare costs are nuts! But I found there weren’t any groups like that here! Or anywhere! 🙁 

So, ever the entrepreneur, I decided to create it myself…

My goal was simple: to give mums the support and knowledge they needed to create the work-life balance they wanted! I set up a meeting in my home town, used social media to spread the word and waited…The result: SUCCESS!  In that first meeting we had lots of mums attend and such positive comments. I knew I was on to something.

Now 4 years on, we now have 60 groups all over the UK, with a team of Hosts and Co-ordinators to support them and help to run it all. We have THE most supportive online community where over 300 of our Members connect and support each other on a daily basis in our members only Facebook group.

I now have 3 children and am managing a business I love, helping other mums to do the same!

You can make this happen for you too…we can help you. 

Listen, setting up your own business is hard, especially alongside being a mum. Doing it alone just plain stinks! I remember the sleepless nights with the children and the stresses about money and soooo much to do and learn – sometimes I felt like giving up (at least once a day!) 

But I kept on following my dream and I desperately wanted the mums that had come along to the BizMums meetups NOT to have to go through what I had been through. And i wanted to keep them focused and to never give up either.

So I asked the mums I met what type of support they wanted, and from there we created the BizMums Membership:

JOIN NOW for £1

What our Members say

This is just for you…


Just think of the life and business you could create with such a small investment. I’ve seen mums who are struggling financially take a leap and invest in the BizMums program. They easily recoup their investment hundreds of times over once they apply the lessons and get the support of our powerful sisterhood.

Once you connect with the people who are where you want to be, it’s so much easier to get to that place versus going it all alone. Not to mention, it’s a lot more fun when you have connections and friends following the same dream as you!

It’s your dream and you deserve this. Your business deserves this. Your family deserves this.

We’ll see you on the inside, we’re waiting to give you a welcome hug.

Just click the button below and we can welcome you in to our community…

Join BizMums now for just £1 for your first month followed by £12 per month until you choose to cancel.

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