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1 Nov 2017

Featured Member – Linda Barbour

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Living on a small farm with a herd of 30 cattle, 11 sheep, 2 pigs, hens and my beloved horses keeps me busy when I am not working on my passion- empowering people to be their best selves without the negative emotions and limiting self beliefs that hold them back.

I started my business 24 years ago when I had my son. Up until then I had been very ambitious working in local authorities and housing associations providing housing and support to people who were on the street, leaving care, prison and other institutions who had physical or mental health problems. It was very satisfying but the longer I worked the more I realised that you could change everything on the outside of someone’s life, but unless the inside changed they wouldn’t be able to sustain a new way of life. It was this that took me into psychotherapy and coaching.

Now I work with people to change how they feel and what they think. Getting rid of old unhelpful emotions and beliefs, means that people can move forwards in their lives with clarity and with confidence.

Usually people come to me because they are struggling with something that has happened in their life – divorce, bereavement, an empty nest, a new baby, or a traumatic event for example.

Or it might be a desire to make a change, or do something new, and struggling with that. Starting or growing a business, having better relationships, having a positive mindset, feel less stressed or depressed etc

Essentially what brings everyone through my door is that the way they are dealing with life is not working out too well.
A combination of experience and expertise means that I can help people to change quickly by sharing coaching and psychotherapeutic skills.
I am so lucky to do something that I love and it is a deep honour to work with people who are often at vulnerable points in their lives.

Showing people their strength and wisdom whilst challenging and supporting them is a real privilege. I love sharing knowledge and tools that transform peoples view of themselves and begin to not just cope but really thrive, be happy and fulfilled.

As my children are leaving home my next big challenge is to rediscover who I am and what I want for myself in the next phase of my life.

It is fantastic being part of Bizmums and being alongside of women at different stages in their lives and businesses. I wish that this had been around for me when my children were younger. It would have made the whole experience of being a mum and running a business easier and happier. I, like many other women, didn’t see what I was doing as business until much later. It was regarded as a ‘little job’ I was doing around my family. But in reality running your own business is so much more challenging and rewarding and it is fantastic to see women demanding that recognition for themselves and what they are creating.


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