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21 Nov 2017

Featured Member – Billie Lawler

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Hello Ladies! I’m Billie and I’ve lived all over the place-finally settled near family in Thetford, Norfolk almost 4 years ago now after having my daughter. We live overlooking the River Thet and have all sorts of wildlife visiting our garden including muntjack deer, swans, geese and squirrels. A great place to bring up my girl!
I have moved around a great deal in my working life-following job opportunities and promotions and can absolutely say I have learnt something form every single job I have had-even if it’s been “this job/company is not for me”!!! I’ve done farm work, bank clerking, toning tables, MLM’s, worked abroad in the US and Italy, been a retail manager and troubleshooter, worked in Homelessness Hostels, alarm call centres, retrained at aged 30 in Holistic Therapies, worked as a quit smoking advisor for the NHS, been a Display Screen Equipment Assessor for Oxford Uni and even a tea & coffee taster for a drinks company! Sometimes several of those jobs ran side by side and I loved it as it meant I never got bored! However after a month long illness, it became apparent that I could not carry on as I had been-I had fibromyalgia and associated issues, but still wanted to make my contribution and “Get on in Life”.
Having worked for employers and for myself, I knew that ultimately I wanted to work for myself as I love the flexibility it offers. I knew with my Fibro that mobile Holistics was probably not going to be practical for me. I’d done MLM before and liked certain aspects of it but not all. Then I found Utility Warehouse! All the bits of MLM that I liked-the positivity the self development, the great product, and all based in the UK. Best of all I would be able to help people save money! AND I could fit it in around my health issues, and my daughter-doing as much or as little as I wanted/needed. Perfect!
Enjoying what you do is so important. No one wants to have that “Monday Morning Feeling” do they?? Does working for yourself have it’s challenges and issues? Yes of course-the isolation that you can feel is not wonderful, no holiday or sick pay, The frustration that you cannot get “stuck in” because you know your daughter needs you (and that’s probably where you would rather be anyway!!), the “Not for me” rejections, the slow weeks when sales are thinner on the ground……..BUT…..you get to plan your work when you want to work-around your child. Around helping your Aunt who has learning difficulties to get to appointments, around days when your fibro flares up, around days when your chid wakes up with chicken pox. The not having to answer to anyone but yourself. Not having to beg for certain holiday dates.That the effort you put in will be returned to YOU. Makes it all worthwhile!!! And then some!
And how do I get by in those low moments? Well BizMums certainly plays a HUGE part in that! he isolation you can feel as a lone worker is gone when I log onto FB and see other likeminded women and get to join in with the topic of the day, or watch a morning motivational, or go to a meet up and have a chat and a coffee. Likeminded women who just “get me” and my challenges. No judgement just advice. Or a hug. And something I have known before but come to understand better since joining BizMums is the importance of self care. I’m not perfect at that yet but getting better!
BizMums for me has been just as much about the relationships that I have built up and the friendships that have developed as the opportunities to join in with events, the customers gathers and sales made. it feels like a private club!
In the lead up to Christmas and the New Year and all the extra work and pressie buying and parties and special times with family and friends make sure you take some time our for you. Think about how far you have come this year, and be proud. Think about planning In some time to vision board what 2018 is going to look like for you both personally  and in business. But above all-have a great time, laugh long and loud, take stock of all you have and all you’ve achieved. Give thanks. Tell your loved ones you love them.

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