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What’s on in Crewe

CreweLife helps local organisations and businesses reach the Crewe community through our website and social media. We promote events, initiatives and businesses in Crewe. Our website offers a unique comprehensive guide to local events and services. We are proactive in engaging our readers daily through social media. Our Community Directory is a portal to promote helpful information, advice and guidance to those that need it most, and provides details of local groups, support services, community centres and more.

Utility Warehouse

Savings, Simplicity & Service for your home and business utilities.

Join the club and get altogether better for Energy, Broadband, Phone and Mobile. 


One bill for all your utilities, makes budgeting so much easier. Over half a million members and growing fast. We’re different to the other utility suppliers because we’re a club – a Discount Club

PLUS Get CashBack off your utility bill through your everyday shopping!

Virtual Finesse

Professional Business Management & Office Support

Running a business is not easy and not many people start their own business because they love all of the administration and management tasks that it requires on a day to day basis. However, that’s exactly why Virtual Finesse was created, because I love the nitty gritty of running a business! Virtual Finesse provide high quality management and office support without adding the expensive price tag making it an affordable and efficient option. There are many things that we come across whilst running our business which we just don’t understand or have the knowledge (or time) to do and often we don”t even know the solution to the problem. I love problems solving and I love nothing better that providing solutions to enable you to develop and build your business. Reach for the moon and you’d land amongst the stars!

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