Stacey Knight-Jones


My name is Stacey Knight-Jones and I am mum to Alfie who is 3 and a half and I am BizMums Regional Coordinator for the South of the UK.   It’s a role that was established just after the 12 month anniversary of Bizmums which shows the wonderful growth of the business.   My role is to develop the members base and launch Bizmums into new areas all across the South of the UK. This requires lots of events promotions and social media management and I love making connections with mums and seeing how the Bizmums support can help to grow their business.   I met Michelle Childs in 2013 when I was promoting my own business with the Utility Warehouse. My background is in Education and I have only recently completed a 5 year part time degree in education with First class honours.   During those 5 years I was working full time, purchased our first home, got married and had our wonderful children and suddenly our lives and priorities changed forever. I quickly realised that I didn’t want to work full time and have my son in expensive day care. The children are our little miracles, our gifts and I wanted to be there for as much of everything as I could.   What excites me most about my business is helping others to realise their dreams and aspirations for their own families and helping them to break with the conventions of conformity and conditioning and realising that there IS a better way. Anything is possible!   I feel so privileged to be a part of the growth of Bizmums and it’s made me realise that you quite literally never know what amazing opportunities are around the corner waiting for you!   My biggest challenges have been confidence and having the courage to talk to people about who I am and what I do but Bizmums has played a huge part in that journey.